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who's that??

our objective

We aim to popularize and promote the sport of scuba diving as a fun, relaxing and thoroughly cool past time suitable for everyone to enjoy. So, no matter at what stage of life you are at and no matter how old you are, scuba diving is your first step to explore a whole new world while sharing quality time with your family, loved ones or just bonding with your buddies/ buddettes.

our shop
Our shop is located in the heart of Subang Jaya; Malaysia within THE SUMMIT shopping centre. The Scuba Buddies dive centre will offer a host of complete scuba diving services and solutions ranging from scuba diving education, equipment sales, rental, servicing/repair and dive expeditions. We will also be running this extensive online resource for this region.

All our scuba diving education courses are run according to the PADI ( Professional Association of Dive Instructors) program and certification procedures. We offer affordable and flexible professional training from the basics to professional levels of diving qualifications.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

what's that??
who we r ?

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